There’s a fact that we all must realize. I know it might come to you as a shock, but we’re human. As humans we make mistakes. In fact I made a couple of biggies today during our service.

You see, I’m not the greatest director we have at Quest. I don’t have the experience and once a week isn’t really cutting it. Add to that the fact that we only have two cameras and shooting a musical performance becomes difficult. So how do you deal with it when you’re supposed to take a shot of the back-up singers as they sing “Seek first the kingdom of God” during “Land of Opportunity”?

As you make any mistake in a situation where you can’t fix it, you must recover quickly. Remember that there’s a time for analysis, but while you’re working is not it. Like a bounced check, mistakes can pile up on each other causing utter disaster. Recovering quickly can prevent mistakes from pileing up.

When you’ve got a second to analyze what happened, you need to ask yourself a question, “Who noticed?” This is a point where a tape can be very benefitial. You might notice that when you see what people actually saw, not what you wanted them to see, there was no discernable mistake. It could be you’re the only one to notice.

Next, remember that God has grace sufficient for your mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up. What can you learn? Consider what you can do to avert the mistake in the future.

When you do this, consider two other things. Remember that God works all things together for the good for those who love him and are called according to his purposes. God will use your mistakes. Also consider another possibility. What if God will not only use your mistakes, but might (in some circumstances) prefer your mistakes?

Before each service I pray that God’s will be done, not that I will be unseen or make no mistakes. If one more person comes to faith because I was unable to play a video clip that might have distracted them at a strategic moment, let me look like a fool. If it’s God’s will I want it everytime, even if I wanted to do the opposite.