If you just stop by or read the feed for the tech stuff, but the church God stuff irks you, read no further. This is a heavy-duty spiritual entry. Today started pretty rough. I have to be at church on the days I’m directing at 5:45 am. I walked out of my house and stepped in dog doo. I changed shoes, got to church, only to realize I’d done it again.

I did final practice, run-through, and first service with little problem. Right between first and second service, I ran into a familiar face.

I’d been praying for her for some time. Nicole was hired by my wife (who does that sort of thing for our church) to watch the three year-olds (of whom my daughter is one). I knew she had a church background, but something hadn’t clicked for her.

Our church isn’t like most churches. We reach out to people who don’t like church, using the arts, drama, video, etc. A single service takes LITERALLY hundreds of man-hours (and woman hours too) to produce. I knew she’d love it.

She went with a friend to the service. Afterward, they had a spiritually significant conversation. It was then that she decided she was ready to take the courageous step of asking Jesus to be in a relationship with her and lead her life, realizing that she didn’t like where her control had taken her.

Afterward, she felt ashamed that she hadn’t taken time to clean up her spiritual house before asking God to move in. She called this afternoon while my wife was asleep, recovering from a migraine. She reluctantly talked to me about her concerns. I told her more of the good news that it’s not about what you do. Jesus just wants a relationship with you. To continue the metaphor, don’t be ashamed because your spiritual house was so dirty you couldn’t clean it before Jesus moved in, just accept His offer to help you clean it up. She said I’d helped.

It’s a feeling like no other to know that the one and only Lord God of the Universe used your efforts.