So what’s your highlight? Is it Monday night with the guys? Is it Friday morning with the girls? Is it your weekend at home? It occurs to me that my answer is none of the above. I used to look forward to my days off, but I don’t anymore. I have several highlights.

Let me go through them in order starting with Tuesday. Tuesday morning is Production Meeting from 11-12ish. Every third Tuesday is Mat Leadership Meeting and Programming Meeting. Wednesday nights we have celebration meeting. Thursday is Arts practice. Friday is “The Mat”. Saturday is Drama Practice and Life Group. Sunday is the main thing–our evangelistic service.

I don’t live a “balanced” life and I don’t want to. Jesus didn’t. The disciples didn’t. Hours and hours of volunteer work are the highlight of my week. Strangely, (or maybe not-so strangely) God has responded with a family life that is BETTER than it was before.

I love what God’s called me to. I look forward, not to my days off, but my days of service.