Here I sit in the passenger seat of a cargo van headed west. We’re off to Denver (from Lexington, KY) in a marathon car trip that started a few minutes ago. If all goes well, we’ll pull into Denver this time tomorrow. I’m really excited by the possibility that the company we’re going to might donate some extra equipment to Quest.

So here’s the vision of why I’m spending the next 72 hours of my life to go through several states I’ve never been to. Quest is running out of space. Six months after going into a building that’s three times larger than our previous building, we have to go from two worship experiences to four. Easter of this year we’ll be opening our first worship venue. That means that we’ll have a separate worship space with it’s own band, etc., but the message will be coming from our main venue upstairs.

This means that we have to have a way for the band in V2 (our worship venue) to be amplified, lit, and have video support. This is where this trip comes in. There’s a company in Denver that’s upgrading their A/V equipment and they want to get rid of some of the old stuff at bargain prices.

If all goes according to plan, we’ll be getting a bunch of cables (most notably an audio snake) and some dimmer packs. Herein lies the problem. The stuff is so heavy that it would cost more to ship the equipment via a carrier that would send it with some level of care than to go out in a rented van and pick it up ourselves, so here we are on the interstate going to Denver.

–to be continued–