Parenting has really taught me a lot about my relationship with God. When she was first born, I thought that I could never be the man I needed to be to raise my daughter, but somehow God has changed who I am from a guy that thought kids were just “okay” to a man that thinks kissing baby dolls and having imaginary tea parties is a great way to spend an afternoon.

From time to time, I’m doing something that needs to be done and I hear some of my favorite words, “Daddy, can I help?” It’s not that I need help making, for example, chicken fingers. In fact, it really is a bit harder keeping a four-year old’s curious fingers out of the egg-filled batter and away from the raw chicken.

There are very few things that a pre-schooler can do when it comes to making a supper of this sort. I end up coming up with a simple task that I really could do myself. I ask her to move the herbs and spices from the counter below cabinet (after I’ve picked them out) and to the other counter where I use them to prepare the batter. It’s a simple job–one that I’d be able to do without really thinking. Yet, she’s excited about the possibility of helping. She wants to become who I am (a truly humbling thought), so every ounce of my tasks that I let her do are part of that becoming.

With Jesus, it’s the same. He could easily do all of the tasks that He asks me to do. For Him, evangelism, leadership, discernment, etc. come naturally. They’re who He is. For me, it’s a growth process. I want to become more like Him, so every ounce of His tasks that He lets me do are part of that becoming. Every day I think about the blessing of the fact that I get to help!