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As they confirm, I’ll talk about guests on Monday’s special “One Year Anniversary Extravaganza” show. Here’s how you participate:

Skype out to
or use your cell phone evening and weekend minutes to call
or just call:

1-620-782-8800 (which is a Kansas number)
enter the conference code: 3398662 (it’s the comment number without the area code)

That’s it. The number becomes active just before 11:00 pm Easter (10 Central, 9 Mountain, 8 Pacific).

I’ve got plenty of time scheduled, so you can ask the panel any questions you want or just listen to us talk. I’ll be recording it to make it available via the podcast, but by that time you won’t be able to participate.

I’ll try to get a tutorial on connecting via skype before the show.

Talk to you Monday.


Confirmed participants:
Phil from


I just talked to Tim Eason. I left out the fact that he uses PhotoShop in addition to PowerPoint and PowerPlugs.

Sorry Tim.

On today’s “Tech, No Babel”:

-Turning a Task into Art
-A Recap of the Second Annual ChurchMedia.Net National Convention
-CSS, CMS, and other Web Alphabet Soup
and much, much more.


Fun with CSS:

Some CMS sites:

Online video editing via AJAX:

BTW, who would show up online for a live show July 3?


update: I had an editing mistake, so if you downloaded it before Thursday June 29, 2006 a 1:40 pm Eastern Time (US), you might need to redownload it. The file should be 31 minutes long not 25.

T-shirt Text

For some time, I’ve believed that having too much text does the opposite of what the writers desire on certain mediums–it ceases to communicate. I had an experience today that both confirmed and repudiated that belief.

I was at a restaurant known for ice cream with my in-laws. A man walked in wearing a shirt that made the assertion that civilization in Africa was devoid of social ills prior to the invasion of Europeans. Now, I know that because of some of the words on the shirt. I can’t tell you too much about the assertions beyond that because there were too many words.

In fact, one customer stopped him and asked to read the shirt. The problem is the sheer volume of the text made it’s wearer bored as the reader tried to read it. Two or three attempts and both quit.

The information itself was too voluminous to be processed quickly. You might be familiar with a similar situation. Have you ever seen a bumper sticker that had either too much text or text that’s difficult to read? At first, I’ve always been curious about what the sticker said, but almost always had to give up. Instead of getting the message, I’m frustrated. Often after spending time trying to read the bumper sticker if I do finally read the message, the effort makes it a let down.

Look at the text on your slides. Is there too much text? Can you digest it quickly? Is it possible to get lost in the text? For full screens, I try to keep it to five or less lines of text. Fewer tends to be better. This requires a very capable operator, but it makes for a better experience.


As many of you know, I taught and spoke at the convention last week. It was a ton of fun. I look forward to seeing many of you there next year.

Now for the pictures. I don’t have a lot of pictures of me here because this site is about the media. I did get a couple that I thought I’d share.

Here I am receiving an award for being an upcoming media mentor.

Here I am teaching my video class. It’s the first of two I taught. BTW, I did some retouching. Can you see where?


Like Heaven

I was at church the other day. As I walked by a conversation I heard two people speaking in a language I didn’t know. In some churches that might be called “speaking in tongues”, but I could tell it was spiritual in another sense.

They were students from Japan studying at our local university. I found out they were discussing the service. Seeing the spiritual discussion in another language by people of another culture reminded me of a dream that my church has had for quite some time.

We’ve always wanted our church to look more like the kingdom of heaven. As every week goes by, the dream becomes more and more a reality.

It’s so great to be in a place where I can echo the Bible saying, “…I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb.” Revelation 7:9 (NIV)


Download my powerpoint (sorry countdown not included) here


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