You have to weed through a lot of information to get to the nuggets, but it’s interesting how much PowerPoint has become a part of our culture. No matter where you are, chances are you will be subjected to PowerPoint. I say subjected because most of the time people believe (because it’s such an easy program to use) that they know how to use it. The truth is as (The Importance of PowerPoint Slides in Iraq points out) how you convey information is as important as what you say.

Maybe I’ll talk in a show soon about how to maximize effectiveness in presentation. In the mean time, here are some quick tips:

1) Using fewer words maximizes effectiveness.
2) A picture is worth a thousand words; clip art is worth -10.
3) The “cooler” the transition, the more it distracts from the message.
4) Everyone has seen and is tired of the built-in templates; create your own.