My interview with Tim Eason of got me thinking. You see I used Skype’s free (for the rest of 2006) Skype out feature to call Tim’s landline. I realized that if I could get phones and standard audio devices to work together, I could do other cool stuff, too.

What if I wanted to make it so anyone could call into a certain number and listen to our service? I could use to create a free teleconference that a lot of people could call into. Now, the problem with that is that it will very likely be long-distance call. While most people have free long distance on their cell phones and Sunday services are during the free period of the “nights and weekends” offered by these plans as well, that doesn’t account for people without cell phones (they exist) or people with odd plans.

That brought me to another idea. The “Tech, No Babel” toll free number is from a service called It provides you with a toll-free number (in the U.S.) for about $5 a month + a small per minute fee. That number can be set to point to any other number in the U.S.

I could get a toll-free number that the church could have and people could call in during service times and listen via their phones if they were out of town.

Setting all this up is really pretty simple from a sound standpoint. Here’s how I did it last Tuesday.

I could also set it up so I could have an audience for my podcast using this same feature. I’d just have to stick to a normal recording schedule. Now, THAT’S the hard part.