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-“The Three Pieces of Software Every Internet-connected PC Must Have”

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Free Antivirus

AVG Antivirus
Panda Software Antivirus

Free Software Firewall
Zone Alarm Software Firewall

Free Anti-Spyware software
EWIDO anti-spyware
Spybot S&D



Episode 31 is ready for post.

I’ve recorded the first episode of year 2. Now, to edit it.


Popcorn the Old-Fashioned Way

I was watching “King Kong” (2005) with my wife when I was overwhelmed by the desire for some popcorn. I searched the pantry to find that our stock of microwave popcorn had been exhausted. Four months of unemployment brings a family to the point where the essentials are all you buy at the grocery store. I was gratetful for the prospect of watching a blockbuster, borrowed from a friend, but there was something missing.

Like Pavlov’s dogs, I was the victim of a conditioned response. Years of watching movies while munching on popcorn made me yearn for some of that tasty treat. There I was with no hope to satisfy my craving…until I remembered something.

One of the happiest memories of my childhood was the occasional weekend night when my parents would pull out the popcorn popper, fill it with oil and loose kernels, producing one of my favorite snacks. On top of the yellow dome that doubled as a serving bowl was a place where my father would put the butter or margarine. The heat from the exploding corn would melt the tasty golden condiment, causing it to rain cholesteral-laden goodness on the freshly created snack.

A vague recollection of buying a bag of loose corn, some time earlier, haunted my memory. Could it be that we still had the unopened bag? A quick search revealed that we did have the bag. I had no idea why we’d bought a bag of popcorn, when our household is completely comprised of people who have used the microwave equivalent since our earliest memories, but there it was.

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Here’s Eliana

My wife is 22 weeks pregnant. Tonight we picked out her name. At the end of November, we’ll say hello to the world’s youngest podcaster–Eliana Lynn Clifford. That’s her picture. Click on the file below to listen to her heartbeat.


It’s funny what motivates

I got some news tonight of a little something (that will be disclosed later if it works out). I’m now thinking about how I can make more podcasts. I’m thinking about how I can make them better. I’ve had tons of plans for episodes this month, but after the 1st anniversary special (with the recording issues that make me not want to release it) I just haven’t taken the time.

One little thing changes and so does my whole motivation. I really can’t believe it. It’s funny what motivates.


VOIP on a Palm

The Palm Walkie-Talkie is a little app that runs on palm pilots. You can use it as a way to communicate in a large, wi-fi enabled space. This might be better than using analog radios or even my telephone intercom system. Let me know what use you find for it.


Monday night I blogged about my need to take some time off to look for a job. While it’s the case that I needed to do that, it looks like my prayers MAY have been answered. I got a call Tuesday morning from a guy hiring for a job to set up A/V equipment for hotel conferences. Additionally, a guy I know is a web developer looking for someone to tape and edit some events for a client of his. Add to this the fact that a friend of mine manages a video store and she’s hiring. That wouldn’t be the best paying job, but she’s sympathetic to my church schedule.

It all started with my “yes” to God. I told Him I’d stop doing things my own way and start actually putting searching for a job before my desire to be a blogging, writing, podcasting, speaker and teacher. When I took the steps of actually saying I was going to do that to people who would know if I didn’t, things started to take place.

I found myself in a place of plenty as far as the job situation is concerned. Now, it’s not set in stone yet, but I see where God is working on my behalf to do what I couldn’t do by myself. I just had to trust Him.

Now, if I can only find time to make a podcast…


1300 video

When I spoke at the national convention, I played this video. It’s simple, but the volume of names meant it took a long time to do. It was originally played with some music, but I don’t have license to distribute that over the web, so this is the silent version.


Some time off

Not all of you know that “Tech, No Babel” doesn’t pay the bills. Add to that the fact that I’m unemployed and you’ll understand why the marathon pace of my blogging might be less for a while as I take some practical steps to find a job.

Keep me in your prayers.


Our local paper recently did a feature story on my church, Quest for faith talks a little about our vision, but mostly about our numbers.

Remember that it’s not about numbers; it’s about people. Each number is a person–a person who’s life needs to be transformed either from “unconvinced” or to more “whole-hearted”. People are what matter to God each and every one.