Have you ever read something about yourself written by a person who you barely know? Now, what if that something accurately paints your heart. The 1300 over at RandomPokes.org does just that. It’s author heard my keynote at the ChurchMedia.net convention and really got what I was trying to say.

I’m on the cusp of something big; I don’t know what. I do know that I felt like my job was to pass along vision to the people there. I just wanted them to know that doing tech for churches isn’t pushing buttons or moving sliders; it’s affecting eternities. Stop and consider the possibility that making it so the pastor can be heard, so that the musicians can be seen, so that a point can be made might just change a heart.

People without hope could get it and lives would be changed. Now, imagine that you don’t feel appreciated in the midst of that. Stop and realize that you are. Realize that there could be a line in heaven because of your faithful “yes.”

Now, take it to the next level. What if you don’t stop at pushing buttons, sliding sliders and moving mouses? What if you take it up a notch and touch people–real people in relational ways? What if evangelism, doing the work of loving people toward Jesus, becomes your aim? Now what if that begins to change things in your city, state, region, and country? What if the world begins to change, not because of how you voted, but because you took your one and only life and invested it for the kingdom of God?

The universe could change because of your yes.