Monday night I blogged about my need to take some time off to look for a job. While it’s the case that I needed to do that, it looks like my prayers MAY have been answered. I got a call Tuesday morning from a guy hiring for a job to set up A/V equipment for hotel conferences. Additionally, a guy I know is a web developer looking for someone to tape and edit some events for a client of his. Add to this the fact that a friend of mine manages a video store and she’s hiring. That wouldn’t be the best paying job, but she’s sympathetic to my church schedule.

It all started with my “yes” to God. I told Him I’d stop doing things my own way and start actually putting searching for a job before my desire to be a blogging, writing, podcasting, speaker and teacher. When I took the steps of actually saying I was going to do that to people who would know if I didn’t, things started to take place.

I found myself in a place of plenty as far as the job situation is concerned. Now, it’s not set in stone yet, but I see where God is working on my behalf to do what I couldn’t do by myself. I just had to trust Him.

Now, if I can only find time to make a podcast…