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TNB has a sponsor

I might just break even on this thing yet. Since we’re a member of, we’ve got a new sponsor. As such, you’ll hear me talking about them on the show and you’ll see a banner ad on the site. Make sure you visit their site and let them know you appreciate them helping us out.

Additionally, if you need want a laser pointer that can cut electrical tape, pop dark colored balloons and heal wounds, buy a Wicked Laser. They’re just plain cool.



Since I was at a retreat this past weekend, I didn’t get a chance to write that I had a new episode. If you subscribed to the podcast feed (, you got the show last Thursday or Friday. Otherwise it’s now.

On today’s “Tech, No Babel”:

Does Your Church Need an Unattached Video Booth?

The Weakest Link Principle,

Buy Once

and much, much, more.


Good Night John-boy

I’m at a retreat with my church right now.  It’s funny to be back to a place where I heard God’s voice 16 years ago, but that’s another blog post…

Anyway, on my way down here to check my email I saw something I’d never seen before.  I closed the door to my room most of the way–not enough to lock it.  I headed down the hall and saw it.  There as obvious as anything was a key in the lock.  I suspect that the owner didn’t accidentally leave it there.  I suspect some rooms didn’t have enough keys.  The other roommates, now asleep, had left the key in the door so that the third could get in.  Now, that also means that ANYONE can get in.  It shows a level of trust we don’t see in our society now.

The trust piece didn’t hit me.  The natural-ness of it did.  In my parents house as I was growing up, I rarely locked my door (unless I was doing something bad).  I’m now in a lodge with 120 of my closest friends–family really.  My sisters and brothers don’t lock their doors; why should they?

I don’t want my own mansion in heaven.  I want a lodge with many rooms crammed full with my brothers and sisters.  I want my Father’s house to be like my parents.  I love this; even if it is an aberation here.  I was not made for a place with locked doors.  I was made for a large house with my large family, each saying goodnight to the other.  So goodnight John-boy.  Goodnight Mary Ellen.  Goodnight Jim-Bob.  Goodnight Jesus.


I really want to write this book.

Dummies Church Tech Book CoverI always thought this would make a great book, now I can make it thanks to  Online Image Creators

If you want to create an RSS feed to turn a bunch of mp3 files into a podcast you have some choices. You can hand code (kind of like creating an HTML website the old-fashioned way). You can follow the directions in a tutorial I wrote HERE (make sure you copy the xml example from HERE, too).

You can use something on your server, whether its WordPress, or something like the simple program– Dircaster, which creates an RSS feed automatically from the contents of a directory on any Linux web server. Some podcasting hosts (like Libsyn) do this automatically when you upload your mp3.

Finally, you can use a piece of software on your own home or office computer to create the RSS. Notable examples include Feed for All and RSS Buddy.

BTW, I use a combination of WordPress (for my blog) and Libsyn (to host my files and create my feed).


The word is getting out.

Look what I saw on my way to work:


Okay, so I just went to and made it, but a guy can dream.

Should I use a new logo?

On the heels of the Web2.0 thing, I thought I’d redesign our logo. What do you think?

Tech, No Babel 2.0 Beta image


Greg Atkinson has created a new blog: CHURCH VIDEO IDEAS is the name, so give it a quick look. I think you’ll like what you see.


Podcasting Seminar Taught by…me

I’m teaching a three hour seminar on podcasting in Boonsboro, Maryland. If your are interested in a seminar where you’ll get the nuts and bolts of how to podcast your church service, corporate gathering, or your own show, this is the event for you. Spend time learning lessons I’ve gathered over the past year. I plan on showing you the steps I take to make, “Tech, No Babel” a reality each week.

Go to this page to register. The cost is an unbelievably low $10. If you live or work in the Washington or Baltimore area, this is your opportunity to meet me and learn how to leverage the power of podcasting to spread the Gospel.



The last segment of the latest podcast was missing, so if you downloaded it before 8/12/06, you might need to redownload.  Sorry, again.