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“Tech, No Babel” will have an interim host while I get some stuff in my life back to where it should be. Phil is a graphic artist and videographer working for a Baptist association in Maryland. He’ll be talking about some of the same stuff I did, but also Photoshop (he showed me a way to get layer masks to work in Photoshop Elements). He also knows something about AfterEffects. Basically, if a church in his association has a tech question, he answers it. If they need media, he makes it.

Give Phil the welcome you gave me.



Just a quick reminder…

Anyone who would like to learn about podcasting, I’ll be teaching a seminar tonight. Get more information here. See ya tonight.


Hiatus for TNB

I’ve got two shows that need to be edited (Episodes 30 & 37), but for personal reasons, I’m putting the show on hiatus for the forseeable future stretching into possibly forever. I’ve had some of my priorities out of whack, so I’ve got to do this. It’s been great fun and I love you all.

Sorry for the short notice,