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On Today’s Tech, No Babel….

Lessons learned from a dead man…

Why worship software makes your life easier…

The power of the png

and much, much more…

Hershey’s Chocolate World

The Milton Hershey School

The Wiki on Hershey

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Pix of my new princess

As promised, here’s a pic of my girls:
Trin and Eliana


A Star is Born

Pictures to follow, but at 3:37pm Eastern time Eliana Lynn Clifford entered the world. She’s 8 lbs. 2 oz., and 20.5 inches long. Wow, I’m a Dad again.


I love wi-fi. Five years ago as my wife was in labor with our first, I had to temporarily sign up for AOL in order to email friends and family at the hospital. Now, I can email and blog you all to say that Christina is in labor. We expect Eliana some time today. I’ll post pix when we have them.


Episode 39

On Today’s Tech, No Babel,

Using Photoshop and Site Grinder to create a full featured website…

Digital StoryTellers insights…

Helping your church marketing not suck…

The Levelator…

Photoshop Elements tip…

and much, much, more!

A Special thanks to Jeff (soulcast) for recording the new intro voice over!

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DS Event

I had a great time today. Didn’t get to record the interview as we went over and I needed to get home to pick up the kids. I arranged with the guys to set up an interview via Skype. So watch for that episode in the next several weeks. I have another great idea for this week’s show… so let the countdown begin!

Tomorrow, I’ll be attending a Digital StoryTellers event in Baltimore put on my our good friends Len and Jason from Midnight Oil Productions. They have invited me to put up a sales table for my Out of the Mud Multimedia business and do a Photoshop Elements tutorial session during lunch. I am really excited about it and after the event I plan to do a short interview with the MO guys and incorporate it into next week’s show.

You should check out their website and consider joining the Metaphorum. It’s a great place to get good sermon metaphor ideas and you can help me rub in the fact that I am 7 and 1 in the Fantasy football league!

On Today’s Tech, No Babel,

Who is this guy?

Graphics editing programs that fit your church budget

Cool free tools for Photoshop Elements

Pixel purgatory explained

And much much more!

The Gimp




Hidden Elements

Photoshop Elements User Forum

Grant’s Photoshop Elements Tools

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