Let’s say you’ve taken some footage with a camera phone and you want to edit it, put on a video DVD or show it on Sunday morning. There are programs you can buy to do this, but the there’s a way to do it from any web connected computer for FREE. Now, it will take some patience, and a visit to three different sites, but this is how to do it.

First, let me show you the video I used:

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Now, first you need to get the video out of the phone. My phone is BlueTooth capable and I have a Mac with a Bluetooth adapter, so it was easy for me. It might require a cable and some syncing software or just sending it in a message from your phone to another email address of yours.

Now, you might have guessed the first site you need to go to–

  • http://youtube.com
  • . The first thing you do once you’ve received the file is to stick it on YouTube. If you don’t already know, YouTube is a place where people go to share and watch video files. It’s really simple to use and I won’t bore you with the details of how you upload it. Just get an account and follow the directions (oh and wait for the file to convert and be posted).

    Now the fun begins…

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    If you’ve heard about YouTube, you might not have heard of a companion service called KeepVid located at

  • http://keepvid.com
  • . Just copy the url where your video is located on YouTube and paste it into the box at KeepVid and it will give you a download link to download the now flv file. You have to rename the file you download to something other than the default “get_video.htm” and change the extension to “flv”, but that’s really the hardest part.

    Now, for the final conversion and final website. Go to

  • http://zamzar.com
  • and follow their four steps:
    1) Choose the “.flv” file from where ever you saved it on your hard drive.
    2) Choose what type of file you want it converted to; I chose .mov (QuickTime). It’s up to you what type, but I’d steer clear of 3gp as that’s what you’re converting from.
    3) Type your email address so they can send you a link when it’s done converting.
    4) Click Submit.

    Now, all you have to do is wait for the email, download your converted file by clicking the link in the body of the email text and you’re done.

    Keep in mind that if you’re converting small video files (less than 100 mb; that’s the biggest Zamzar works with) of other types you can skip some of the steps above, but Zamzar will convert AVI to Quicktime or an mpg to iPod video, too. It just won’t go from 3gp (but will convert to it).