I believe a miracle isn’t about what happens as much as when and who the source is. For example, a storm suddenly stops on a lake in Israel. That’s not a miracle, until it’s the case that a man claiming to be God says, “Peace. Be still,” and it stops. It’s not a miracle that someone gets better from a disease. It’s a miracle when someone prays and the person’s prognosis goes from bleak to better.

Fast forward to today. I decide it’s a good idea to do some major repair on our roof. I’m talking take up some of the plywood type of repair. I have an issue or two that make the process slower than I thought so I’m cutting the last piece of wood as the sun sets. This means my roof is open to the weather tonight (something you don’t want even if the forecast does SAY no rain the next day.

So I run to the garage and grab the one of the two tarps that I bought eight years ago for a camping trip. I put it on. It’s too small, but I put it in place nonetheless. I grab the second. I put it on the roof and viola together these two tarps perfectly cover the spots I’d repaired (now still bare wood). Some people call that luck, but I call it a miracle.

Maybe luck is just God being anonymous about His work. Maybe there are more miracles than we think.