I’m a geek. I do blog (on a server I set-up with WordPress myself). As such, I’ve been fighting with certain aspects of my personality. I found a blog post that tells me that I’m not alone in how I approach life.

For example:

1) I HATE clothing that’s more dressy than jeans. I can be talked into shorts, but the suit I’m wearing makes me feel horrible. I don’t know why, but I just hate suits.

2) I’d rather work from like noon-2 am. Before noon, I can work and can be good at it, but if I had the chance to choose, it would be in those 14 hours.

3) I can accomplish a ton more if I’m listening to my iPod. Yesterday I was on my roof for about 8 or 9 hours. I didn’t come down to eat; I just worked straight through. Midway, it did grab something on my way to grab a tool from the garage and stopped to charge and refill my iPod (it had been a week since I’d synced). The fact remains that it wasn’t an ownerous job b/c I had podcasts to listen to.

4) I’d rather control the surroundings I work in than do almost anything other than not wear a suit. If I could figure out how, I’d work on my laptop from my couch and no where else.

So if anyone knows of a gig that pays something in the $30k+ range that I have the skill set for, that I can do when I want, where I want, wearing what I want, let me know.

One frustrated Geek signing off.