From time to time, I may tell you about a site that both provides you a service that you need/want and me a little advertising $$. This is one of those times. I only choose site that interest me, so rest assured that I’ll keep it in the tech genre (unless it’s something really cool that I like personally so much that it transcends tech 😉 ).

I don’t know about you, but I get a new cell phone every year or two. Everytime I do I’m always looking for the best rate plan and the best phone to fit my budget. I’ve had a cell phone since Christmas of 1996. I’ve owned an Erikson, three Nokia’s, and two Motorola’s.

I’ve almost always taken the best free or free after rebate phone I could find. Sometimes that meant talking to multiple sales people (yuck!). Sometimes that meant scouring multiple websites (not as bad). Last time, it meant just going to my carrier’s website and taking what they gave me. Now, while that wasn’t a horrible phone, the selection was limited and I had no choice but to pay for the phone and get a rebate.

Now, I find that there’s a site for most major carriers (at least in the US) that has some pretty cool free cell phones. On the front page, they’ve got a Blackberry Pearl and also a Razor for free. I’m actually a little bummed I didn’t find this site earlier as either one looks like my kind of phone.

The Pearl looks like something I’d be interested in. You might know I’m a bit of a geek so anything that’s cool makes me happy. The Pearl is one of the only (are there any more?) Blackberrys with a camera. I know having a camera on my phone has helped me get some good shots of the kids when my regular camera isn’t at hand.

My boss loves sending text messages and my current phone’s regular keypad just isn’t cutting it. Who thought of putting the two most common letters in the English language (“r” and “s”) two or three button pushes in. Well, the Pearl looks like it solves that one too.

Additionally, the ultra-sleek Razor is a great little phone that everyone I know (at least that’s the way it seems) uses. It’s trim design is light and elegant. A phone that thin makes you wonder where they hide both the battery and all of the electronic components necessary to make it work.

Those are just two of the phones offered. Enter your carrier and location and they’ll tell you about the ones you qualify for at either greatly reduced rates or (my personal favorite) free. I can only pray that by some miracle, the iPhone will be on the site once it’s released, but I fear I’ll have to wait a bit for a great deal on that.

I guess I’ve gotten off the subject a little, but take a look at it for yourself.

Check it out: free cell phone