I just realized that I hadn’t actually written about my new advertising idea. This is the second post I’ve written for the PayPerPost people.

The idea behind this is simple. I look for offers that I think fit this blog. I also look for offers that I’m qualified for (some require a certain level of traffic). All in all it’s a pretty simple process. It’s really like writing reviews for a magazine. I let you know that this isn’t a regular post with the required disclaimer and as long as I follow directions (and they let me correct mistakes when I leave things out), I make money.

Now, granted I’m not making a fortune. Most of the opportunities I’ve seen pay between $5-$35 (with the rare opportunity that pays much more). So far, I’ve made $11, but it’s pretty easy to do. So make sure you read all these posts and if you’re a blogger or advertiser feel free to check it out. So far I’m a fan. I guess for the time I put in I make about what I do at my regular job per hour, but this is more of a spending money or monetize a hobby sort of thing.

I’ll spend the money making the podcast (which may just be returning really soon) better. Maybe if I write more of these I’ll buy a compressor/limiter/gate or better digital recorder.

For more information click on this blog marketing link. It will take you to and you can start getting paid for blogging yourself.