I was answering a question on another site and it occurred to me that I should put up the information here.

Here are some quick hints:

Always start with camera number before direction. For example, “Two tilt down some.”

Make sure you tell cameras they’re next and when they’re up. “Standby three. Cut to three.”

Keep noise and cross-talk to a minimum. You want everybody involved to be able to listen to the sermon (or song) as much as possible.

Practice, practice, practice. Come to all music practices. Listen to planned songs ahead of time. Take notes and follow them.

Use only two transitions–cuts and cross dissolves. Use a lot more cuts, especially for dramas, testimonies, and the sermon.

Remember that the people in the auditorium don’t know what you meant to do. They only know what they saw.

Keep a safety shot on the person leading worship at all times. You can always take that and know it’s good.

Listen for subtleties in music and take shots to highlight those–guitar solos, important harmonies, etc. Ask for help with this from the musicians; they know and want to share.

You can do it.