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You’ve been there too, haven’t you? Sitting in traffic, you scan the horizon and see them–messages proudly proclaiming messages instructing us to “Visualize Whirled Peas” or that “In Case of Rapture, This Car Will Be Driverless” because “Christians aren’t perfect–just forgiven.” Sometimes they’re silly like some of the ones above and sometimes they bear serious political or social messages.

No matter what you think about them bumper stickers are here to stay. Now, you have the power to add to the conversation. Whether it’s advertising an upcoming event or proudly proclaiming your status in life (Geeks Do I.T. Better), just go to customizedstickers.com.

You can design and print your own bumper (or other types of) stickers. This would be a great fundraiser for your church and would also help you to improve your driving. I know my Quest bumper sticker has improved mine 😉 .