I’ve seen it more times than I could ever believe. I twittered about it when it happened. Now, without further ado, here’s the miracle that happened last Easter.

At Quest, we see miracle after miracle. Sometimes they’re little ones, like the fact that I left for work tonight convinced that I was going to miss a recovery group I lead. I called my boss who told me that I could go. It was a miracle. Sometimes they’re larger. I have a friend who had a medically verified, you could see it on an MRI, brain tumor. Later, he went back and (after prayer) they found where it was, but couldn’t find the tumor.

That’s not the biggest thing I’ve seen, though. I’ve seen more than one person change. I’ve seen more than one life become new. I’ve seen it happen with women and men and sometimes even children. Whole families have trusted their lives and eternities to Jesus. Still that’s nothing compared to what I saw almost two weeks ago.

I’ve known him for six years. He was born into a family of Christian Scientists. He found it devoid truth. This led him to agnosticism and atheism. He started to believe in nothing at all. That’s where he was when I met him. We served on a team together. You see, he and I are both videographers. I knew that what he really needed was a relationship with Jesus, but like Morpheus said to Neo, “Unfortunately no one can be told what the Matrix is…You have to experience it.” Describing the Christian life is like describing the color blue to someone who can’t see. It’s difficult.

We had many discussions. Once I knew he was close. That was about 18 months ago. On Easter, came to Quest. “If we can’t find a place to park, we’re leaving,” he said. They found one of the best spots in the lot. He later told me that he’d thought he was fooling himself when he was at church that Jesus was real and loved him. Away from church, he started to see the truth.

Easter, he couldn’t say no anymore. It made more sense to give his life to Christ than not to. If you have a long-shot in your life, you need to know that it’s possible. If it can happen to Barry, it can happen to anyone.

Jesus can even touch a long-shot.