So if you have a RiteAid in your area, you can buy a “disposable” digital camera. It takes 30 minutes of video footage and you take it in and get a DVD. The camera is $25 and once you take it in, you don’t get it back. Now, it can be hacked so that you can get the information off of it and not have to take it in (do an internet search for that).

Anyway, now you can buy a slightly nicer version for about $80 (-$20 for a cost of $60) rebate. Here’s what makes it nicer: it comes with USB to connect it to your PC or Mac (YES!) and a composite cable to allow you to play videos on your tv. That totally rocks.

So, what can you do with it? Put it on an RC plane or helicopter for sky shots of outside events. Mount them on walls for shots you only rarely take. Use them mounted to your car. If it falls off, who cares.

I’m really fighting the urge to get one today. Check it out at