I remember reading an article (sorry author) from a member of the staff of a large church (sorry church) in a magazine (sorry magazine). I think they might have been Relevant (magazine) and Mozaic (church), but I’m probably wrong. Anyway, the author said that the mark of a healthy church was some heresy. Not, in the leadership, but in some of the attendees who don’t yet know Jesus.

I remember agreeing with the point in general. Fast forward to the season we’re in at Quest. We had someone baptized recently who was a former prostitute. We’ve had our fair share of former atheists, drug addicts, dealers, homeless, etc., come to know Jesus and have radical changes happen in their lives. That’s not hugely unusual in a downtown mission in a large city, except we’re more of suburban church in the middle of Kentucky.

This occurred to me last night as my life group threw a cookout for a member who was just released from jail to go to treatment. On the same day, another friend of mine was bailed out before her court date.

Like many of you, I grew up in a middle class church surrounded by suit and dress wearing business people. I never thought I’d be saying things like, “So, it wasn’t that bad in this jail?” I never thought I’d speak with people in treatment for addictions on a weekly basis. I never thought I’d have friends who were formerly homeless, including a man in his seventies who describes himself as a former “hobo”.

I’m so grateful God is erasing this prejudice in my mind. I now know we’re all people–all equal before a righteous God who radically loves us despite the fact that not a one of us deserves it.

I can never go back to “normal”.