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Okay, now this is weird. So you know that at ebay, you bid and the person who has the highest bid wins. You have to go to the site, and find what you want. You keep dibs on your bid in the browser and you hope that there’s not another guy fighting you over pennies.

Now, there’s an interesting alternative:
bid4prizes. What if instead of the highest bid, you were trying to get the lowest? Now, everyone could just bid $.01, but this is where the contest is. You are trying to get the lowest UNIQUE bid. So, if NO ONE else bids $.01, you win, but if they do, the next highest bid that no one else bid wins. Make sense?

To top it all off, you can bid from your cell, texting updated bids, so you don’t even have to be online. It’s a little “Price is Right”-ish. The prizes rock, too we’re talking cars and flatscreen tvs.