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I’m okay at math. There was a time in my life that it was a passion, and then I got into Algebra II. When we started talking about imaginary numbers, I remember thinking, “If they’re imaginary, why are we talking about them and how can there be a right or wrong answer?” I just didn’t get it. That was the last math class I ever took (with the exception of computer science, but that was different).

I know I’m not the only one who could really use some help with handling the books for a business. I’ve got a friend who could do it, but now that I’ve found a site to help with either accounting or payroll for small business, I’m not sure I’d need to.

The prices seem really reasonable (bookkeeping from $10/month, payroll for $6/month/employee, and Quickbooks online for $15/month). If this hobby ever turns in to a business I’ll have to give Accoounting Paradise a try.