I don’t know about you, but when I was in school, science club or the science fair were things that were only a passing interest to me. I went to the local science fair when a friend of mine did well, but mostly I just ignored it.

You see, this was long before the internet caught on. Gaming was viewed by adults with suspicion (you know that “Donkey Kong” is really violent šŸ˜‰ ). Presentation technologies were virtually non-existent. While video was around, it was cost-prohibitive to most schools.

Today, I was doing my job for a group of technology students here in Kentucky. They were participating in competitions like robotics, programming, video editing, podcasting and the like. I even saw a kid from my church there. I’m amazed at what they’re doing.

Dell has a room set up with high-end gaming notebooks. Apple has a room ready for students to try out podcasting and video podcasting. Man, I had to learn this stuff myself.

It apparently starts in elementary school, so look out next year, my daughter will be starting and I’ll let her loose with a little Final Cut Pro and see what happens. Oh well a Dad can dream, can’t he?