There’s something about radio. There’s something about knowing that your voice is going out and people you don’t know can hear it. There’s something about leading the discussion or choosing the music or just being there that you really can’t get anywhere else.

I started in radio in college. I had the midnight to 2am shift on my college radio station. My show was “Heavy Righteous Metal”. I played Christian metal and loved it (this was the mid ’90s after all).

I’ve got a friend I met in high school that did the same thing–different music, but still college radio. Like me, he didn’t go on to do it professionally, but almost immediately he started his own internet radio station. The Pop Culture Geek was born.

Now there’s a problem. The licensing for net radio has changed from a per cent of revenue to a pay/song/listener model. The least anyone (even a hobbyist who doesn’t make any money) can pay is $500. If you’ve got a 24/7 station with even below average listener numbers, this adds up quickly.

Please go to and see what you can do. It matters that the RIAA be stopped. First it’s music, then what else will be litigated out of existance on the ‘net?