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The great thing about the web is that new business plans emerge. Years ago it was little green stamps. You remember them don’t you? Your parents would emerge from the grocery store or the drug store with one or two little green stamps. I remember getting my first basketball as a result of books of the little green stamps. Somewhere in the depths of the closet of my room at my parents house, that basketball still exists.

Now it’s the utango rewards program. Instead of stupid little trinkets, gives you cash. I don’t know about you, but I know I could do something with the extra $200 a year. For me, that could be a new computer or software.

So I bet you’re thinking that it’s probably just a couple of stores that you don’t go to. I bet you think it’s places you’d never shop at. Well, you’re wrong. I shop at Target. I’ve had Starbucks Coffee. I’ve been to a Nordstrom and bought books at Barnes & Noble.

Now, it’s not for everyone. They’re looking for people who are in it for the long haul. If you’re engaged, single, or a newlywed you could end up with as much as $1 million dollars. Christina and I have been married for eight years now, so we don’t qualify, but you might. It’s free to join, so take a look.

Stop by this link to find out more details. I would if I could.