With gas prices at record highs, churchrelevance.com asks the question, “How far are people willing to drive to come to your church?”

I know the answer for my church: a little over 400 miles. That’s right. Last weekend we had a person drive from Milwaukee, WI and one from Birmingham, AL to visit our church in Lexington, KY. The person from Birmingham comes up most weekends. She’s really involved, too. She serves as our pastor’s volunteer assistant.

The one from Milwaukee was visiting family a couple of weeks ago, came to Quest and decided to come back for our Women’s Retreat.

Another lady came from West Virginia to go to that same retreat. “Why?”, you ask. God’s doing something here. You can feel the Holy Spirit when you drive up. People that don’t know Jesus say “it just feels different here”. Those of us who do know Him know He’s what’s different.

It’s not unusual for people to drive more than an hour to get here. You do whatever it takes to join God in what He’s doing.