John Wesley called it prevenient grace. It’s the idea that God is always working toward the redemption of as many people as possible. While it’s not always the case that we see it, sometimes secular culture really shows that God is working on the hearts of artists who don’t actually know Him.

You’ve heard Joan Osborne’s song “If God Was One of Us”, haven’t you? Here are some of the lyrics:

If God had a face what would it look like
And would you want to see
If seeing meant that you would have to believe
In things like heaven and in jesus and the saints and all the prophets

God does have a face. He has a name. It’s Jesus. Joan is crying out for intimacy with God, for the type of relationship that I get to have with Him. She wants to know Him and love Him, but she doesn’t know how. He’s working on her and in her. She just doesn’t know it yet.

That brings me to something that happened last night. We’re ending a series called “Prayer for Dummies”. The last topic is asking God for help which brought us to this worship song:

Help, I need somebody
Help, not just anybody
Help, you know I need someone, help

When I was younger (So much younger than) so much younger than today
(I never needed) I never needed anybody’s help in any way
(Now) But now these days are gone (These days are gone), I’m not so self assured
(I know I’ve found) Now I find I’ve changed my mind and opened up the doors

Help me if you can, I’m feeling down
And I do appreciate you being round
Help me get my feet back on the ground
Won’t you please, please help me

(Now) And now my life has changed in oh so many ways
(My independence) My independence seems to vanish in the haze
(But) But every now (Every now and then) and then I feel so insecure
(I know that I) I know that I just need you like I’ve never done before

I’m not saying the Beatles were Christians; they weren’t. I am saying that God was trying to bring them to Himself and it sometimes showed. This song is all about how they need help; they’re not able to do it on their own. Few things have ever rung so true. I can’t do this thing we call life on my own. I need help. I thought I didn’t, but I do. God help me.