I know I generally write about tech stuff, but this just got to me. I found this post on the “15 Reasons Mr. Rogers was the Best Neighbor Ever”. I read it and it along with this eulogy from Esquire really confirmed something I’d already known. Mr. Rogers was a good Christian man.

Now, some might argue with the inclusion of “Christian”. With so many leaders in a downward spiral, the word “Christian” has lost some of it’s punch. That why the term “Christ-follower” has been adopted. Either way, it’s clear that Jesus shone in Mr. Rogers.

Everything these two authors say displays the fact that the love of Christ pervaded everything this man did. He spent a couple of hours praying for people he’d met. Once he met you, you’d be his friend forever and he kept in contact with all his friends. He didn’t judge others, prefering to love and pray for them.

That’s the case with Jesus too. All that really matters is lives and eternities. Every person counts. We may disagree with them, but Jesus loved tax collectors, prostitutes (in a non-sexual way), and other sinners.

I pray that when I die people can say that I was interested in them. I pray that even when some of them don’t know it, they’ll see Jesus in me, so that eventually He’ll reside in them, remaking them (as He is me) into the person He always dreamed they’d be and the person they never dreamed they could be.