Numbers mean a lot to me. There’s 1/2, 4/8, 8/16, and 11/14. That’s my anniversary, wife’s birthday, oldest daughter’s birthday, and both my youngest daughter’s birthday and (24 years earlier) my spiritual birthday.

I often talk about the numbers of people coming to my church. I also talk about the substantial numbers of those who come to faith in Jesus. I care because each number is a person who was far from God and now knows Him.

I found out today that a relationship I started, a yes in following God, led to a friend stopping by Quest and getting his pastor there for a conference we had last year. The pastor left with the vision of an Acts 2 community. Now, just about a year later, over 130 people have come to know Jesus.

I said yes to a friendship with a guy I met online. That started something that resulted in 130 people coming to know Jesus. I can’t believe He used me. I get to help!