I know many of you work in churches where you have a lot of tech that needs to happen in a specific order. That’s the way it is at my church. I might get to direct a song one minute and then take the key out, switch inputs, and dissolve into a DVD in the next.

In order to make that run as smoothly as possible, I have an order of service that I keep on a clipboard in plain view from the director’s chair. At anytime I can glance over and see what’s next and start planning my transition. I say, “at any moment”, but I’ve already started planning long in advance of when I look.

I’ve said before that the most valuable tool a director can have is a pen. This is certainly the case. I plan how I’m going to do it and WRITE IT DOWN. The reason I do this is simple. I sometimes have mere fractions of seconds to make a transition happen. If I can’t remember the order of something, that transition can be delayed. Writing it down means I don’t have to think what I need. That combinded with practice means I am better at doing transitions between elements. That means people don’t notice me; they just notice what God’s doing in the service. That’s the goal.