So you might remember that I once suggested that you that DRM (digital rights management) was bad (What if the RIAA…?, EMI to announce DRM-free Music Plans…I hope this isn’t an April Fools Joke, and It’s April 2, Apple and EMI announced no DRM).

This week I bought Foolish Thing‘s album b/c they played at my church Wednesday and as the video director that night I needed to listen up. Well I went to iTunes and to my surprise the album was listed. So, I decided to buy it there instead of buying the silly plastic disc (which you might know as a cd).

It was a great experience. It was cheaper than on Amazon, I didn’t have to wait for it, it was high quality, and I didn’t have to rip it to iTunes to get it on my iPod. I talked to a couple of the guys from the group and told them they needed to kiss their record company for me. They laughed, but were pleased to know that their music was available in this form.

BTW, they’re all Mac guys like yours truly. They really rock and have a heart for Jesus, too.