So there are levels of fame in our society. At the top tier are movie and sports stars. They’re followed by television stars and then national news people. Politicians follow next with people that you’re not sure how they got famous, certain ceo’s, on-line celebrities, etc. behind. Well in the distance is where we normal folk reside. We might be known in our sphere, but that’s mostly it.

Today, I was doing a last second mic addition to a room and I caused feedback. This wasn’t a case of someone getting too close to the mic. It was a case of me having the mic turned up too loud when I turned it on (it was a wireless handheld).

It’s one thing when you do that for a local business. I did it for a national cancer prevention organization (although I’d never heard of them) and their guest speaker–Jocelyn Elders. That’s right I caused the former Surgeon General of the US to crack a joke about gas (it was low feedback).

I guess that will be a funny story some day.