Someone that means quite a lot to my family is in the hospital.  She went in for a biopsy on a brain tumor and there was some bleeding so she nearly died.  Over a week later, she’s not herself yet.  Now, with that said, for someone who’s had brain surgery, she’s still all there.  She can’t quite wake up yet, but what she can do is:

-spell the word “school” when asked

-write the pythagorian theorum (she’s a math professor)

-write where she is; “I’m at Central Bap…”

-shake her head in response to the question, “Are you in pain?” and nod it in response to the question, “Are you frustrated that you can’t wake up?”

What else have I learned?  Blogs can really unite us.  One of my friends created a free blog for her on  It is updated daily.  That way we can all keep track of what’s up.  Additionally, people in the small town that her family is from can keep up without all calling her family forcing them to say the same thing over and over again.   Blogging really rocks.