A couple of years ago I heard that one of the things that you could ask for is the heart of Jesus. It was a new concept. You see, most people believe that Christianity is about believing you’re better than others. I’d say it’s the opposite.

I get to hurt for others that are broken. It’s a privilege when it happens and it’s rare. This past weekend it happened again.

I saw a friend at church. He didn’t look like he was doing well. I asked him why. He told me that he’d brought his cousin here to get him out of a bad situation. This guy was on the verge of turning his life around. Then something happened. He got sick. My friend invite me to go with him to visit his cousin in the hospital–the CCU to be exact.

We got there and it was not good. His cousin responded to being shaken, but that’s it. The doctors told us it was bad. I believed them. I didn’t know what to do or how to react, but I just followed the lead of some other friends that were there. We prayed and read the Psalms. Jason went from being a person that I didn’t know to one I wanted to know. He became real–someone that Jesus loves enough to die for. All of the sudden, I really loved this guy.

I started to cry. Maybe it was for the live that could have been, maybe for the lives that would be affected by his death. I just wanted to meet him. I wanted to help him out. I wanted to let him know the truth of what I felt.

I prayed for him often over the next couple of days. Then I found out that he died. It’s not often I cry for someone I don’t know, but it’s a gift when it happens.