electricity_meter.jpgSaturday night (if you’ve been following my Twitter feed you’ll know part of this already), I had major issues with my electrical service. I was at home enjoying some lovely ice cream and my power went out.

I suspected something was awry when I noticed that all of my neighbors apparently had power. I checked the meter and found that there was a smell. When the guys from the electric company got there, they said that there was a problem not with their meter (as I’d hoped, but with the box and wiring) into our house. The only good news was that it was outside where you could see it.

Here’s where timing starts to be important. I’m normally on at church, needing to be there at 7:00 on Sundays. I was off, so I was at home when the problem arose, so I could attend to it (which I normally wouldn’t be). Last week our lows were in the single digits (Fahrenheit). This week their in the twenties and thirties (warm enough that our pipes probably won’t freeze without power). We have a friend that’s an electrician. He was available to look at it yesterday. He was off today. He’s charging us gas money and parts to fix it. My wife has a friend who lives in a SUPER NICE house. Her husband and two of her three kids are out of town, so she has both space and was feeling a little lonely. Our transformation pastor was teaching (who preaches for less time than our senior pastor), so the transition between services wasn’t stressful for my wife. Our cat was a gift from a friend who still owns her mother, so she could watch her. Most of our laundry was done, so packing was a matter of picking out the right outfits.

I’ve got another friend who was until recently an electrician in training. He tells me that often when homes or businesses have this problem it often at least scorches the building (if not causes a fire). Some might say we’re lucky. I’d say one or two of these circumstances is luck. The rest is God stepping in and “scheduling” this trouble at the least troublesome time I could imagine.


UPDATE: I got a call from the electrician saying that our wiring had been cut at the pole as opposed to disconnected. Apparently that’s worse. He couldn’t really work on it in that condition without a “work permit”. My heart sank. Had I been imagining the fortuitous timing of this all? “No,” I told myself, “God is still in control and Jesus can easily say to this storm, ‘Peace, be still.’ I’m choosing to trust him instead of panicking.”

I called the electric company and spoke with the guy in charge wiring and poles and asked him the situation. He said they were okay with having our guy work on it, but that he’d check with the guy who did the work to be sure. I took his number and asked if I could have the electrician call him. He was fine with that.

The electrician called and got the permission he needed. He called my wife and said, “Are you ready to start praising Jesus now or do you want to wait to hear what He did first?” I don’t understand electricity, but it must be a big deal for this obstacle to be overcome so quickly (and on a day when our guy could work).

As he left tonight, having completed the first part of the work, needing only to hook power up to the house, the electrician told me that he was going to charge us for parts and gas. Another friend, with experience in the electrical game, told me he used to get in trouble if he charged less than $1600 for the same service. This is a miracle!