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The 419 Scam I Almost Fell For

I just got an email offering me the position of “international receivables clerk”. What got me was that the email included an American toll-free number. Before I do anything, I like to Google phone numbers “1 877 663-8309”. As a result, I found out that this was just another variation (that seemed more legit) of the typical 419 Scam. Google it for more information, but know it is a scam.



Twitter Updates for 2008-02-26

  • Just installed a twitter plugin for my blog. I hope it works. #
  • If you can read this, at least part of the twitter plugin works. #
  • Happy my iPod seems to be fixed now, just wish I could get all my podcasts to my office computer. #

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turntable.jpgI’ve often thought it odd that churches so love their organs, but hate other electric instruments. Maybe it’s that organs were originally operated via bellows, but that’s almost never the case any more. Additionally, organs are expensive. You can’t really pick one up for a couple of hundred dollars. Typically, they cost much more than that–often in the multiple hundreds of thousands of dollar. I’ve heard people bemoan the fact that organists are becoming harder and harder to find. A church might have a couple of organists (at the most) while they have tons of pianists, guitarist, drummers, etc.

When I was a teen, the electric instrument I preferred was the electric guitar. What I failed to understand at the time was why we couldn’t use it at church. I went to a Baptist Church and the most radical music was “Pass It On”–written in the 1970’s, the same decade that I was born in. This was the 1980’s and I actually knew people that who said that rock -n roll as a musical form was from the depths of hell, not the lyrics mind you, but the driving beat and thrashing solos.

Fast forward to today where rock is much more accepted, but rap is (at least in some circles) considered as depraved as rock was in the 1980’s. How many churches that do have bands wouldn’t dare have someone scratching and busting out the rhymes? When DJ Mike arrived, I saw the future. I’d heard of something called, “DJ-led worship”. Now, I’ve seen it in action. It reminded me of the scene in Matrix:Reloaded where Morpheus cast the vision of dancing so that the machines could hear. That’s worship. In that case, the worship was human-centric. Church should facilitate our abandon in worshipping God.

In our culture, worship with abandon, undignified David-like worship doesn’t happen with an organ and increasingly not with an electric guitar (as in the 1980’s), but with the two turntables and a microphone.


Twitter Updates for 2008-02-25

  • @mufan96 Make that FCP3; I forgot I upgraded when I switched to OS X. #

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Twitter Test

Just a test to see if this posted a link in twitter.


And there was much rejoicing (especially given the fact that 55″ is smaller than many tv’s).

Read the original article: NFL Reverses Call On Church Parties


Use the link below to make a puzzle out of a digital picture on your computer. I made one and my daughter loved it. No real reason; it’s just fun.

Photograph Puzzle Maker


It’s all timing pt.2

Well, it’s been over a week since my first post on my loss of electricity. Now, I can look back on what happened with some clarity. If you read my blog often, you know that I’m rarely not on my weekend volunteer duties at church. The truth is that I love what I get to do. So it’s more than a little odd that the couple of weeks I am off bookend this unusual season. I’m off this weekend, so I didn’t go to church tonight. How strange that I’m off the day that our power goes out and comes back on.

That’s right. My power has been reconnected after a harrowing ordeal that (according to everyone I’ve talked to) could have caused my house to burn down. I now have a new meter base and a electric service. It happened in a time right before I did my taxes (that paid for it all plus some). It happened at a time when temperatures outside never got below 25 degrees F, so (with the leaks in my faucets) I didn’t worry at all about my pipes freezing. We stayed (longer than expected) at a friend’s house who had more than enough room for our family and I was able to help when their carbon monoxide detector had a malfunction.

Now, I’m sitting at home, in my house, on my laptop, using my internet connection, typing on my computer, lit up with my electricity. It’s so comforting to know it’s mine, humble as it is. I’m not in someone else’s house, nice as it is. It’s ours and I know where our stuff is. I’m really looking forward to sleeping in my bed. It’s amazing how I took this humble little house for granted. I don’t think I will again.


According to The Guardian, Arlan Specter will be introducing a bill to let churches have superbowl parties. Knowing how ratings work (every tv isn’t counted, but just assumed), this makes sense.

Churches should be able to air Super Bowl


55″ is the Max says NFL

From the Washington post, NFL Pulls Plug On Big-Screen Church Parties For Super Bowl. So apparently if you have a 60″ plasma, don’t have people over. I don’t get it. They make money on advertisements. The more the merrier. Why does the amount of people watching in a given venue matter?