I got this comment over in the comments section:

“Hi Paul,
I’m in the middle of tweeking my church’s website. I want to podcasts on it. How do you establish a podcast on the web? What steps do you have to take so that itunes can pick it up?

God Bless,
Joe Ryan”

This is what I wrote back:

The largest cost in podcasting isn’t equipment it’s bandwidth. The hardest part to create is the xml feed that turns an mp3 audio file into a podcast. So, here’s what I suggest. Use either http://Libsyn.com ($5-10/per month) or http://Drop.io (no dot com and it’s free for 100megs or 1 gig for $10/year). They’ll both auto create the xml for you. You take that file and submit it to iTunes in the iTunes store to get it listed.

Make sure you include links to the files on your site because some people prefer not to subscribe. Also put a how-to subscribe tutorial on your site so tech-challenged people can do it.