-some files are so important that sticking them in a folder named “old” will kill the hacked part of your xbox.
-fasting for three days isn’t all that hard with a bunch of juice and a radical dependancy on the Lord God of the Universe.
-Steak tastes really good after not eating anything for three days.
-you eat more often than you think you’re eating (I almost put food in my mouth two or three times without thinking about it during my fast).
-even when you constantly are surrounded by the miraculous, God can still amaze you (more on that later).
-people can really believe in a cause to the point of ridiculous sacrifice.
-my lifegroup leader trusts me enough to have me take over while he’s busy.
-when I want to relax on a weekend, running 3rd camera works.
-God knows how to reinforce a decision I made and He’s great at it.
-I’m really happy when I get to lead.
-my favorite food is buffalo chicken.