• Using the new twhirl app to tweet. Let’s see if it works on my mac, now. #
  • Now, it looks like I can tweet on Twitter, Pounce, and Jaiku all at once. Cool. #
  • @dljordaneku It’s still the PC I’m using. I’ll try my mac soon. #
  • @dljordaneku I’m glad it’s Phil. I was worried that some company would buy it and turn it into a forum for ONLY their product. #
  • @joshw what’s the login and password? #
  • @joshw sorry for the delay, had to change my flash version #
  • Crap! I’m out of food at my desk, I’ll have to go out and I don’t have much time. #
  • I think I like this twitter client. #
  • Bummer, this doesn’t work on my iBook b/c it’s too old. #
  • Watching tekzilla and getting ready for the end of the day. #

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