• At work, I’m getting coffee. I got gas before work, so I guess that means gas will go down in price. #
  • @joshw It changes on tuesdays (except two weeks ago), with it on an uptrend, i’m gambling that today before work lets out is the day. #
  • @ascottphoto I wish my boss would do that! #
  • @candycat That’s a skill! I make a moderate cup, but the people I work with make HORRIBLE coffee. From TOO strong to reusing grounds–yuck #
  • @candycat One guy thinks that you add coffee until you run out of room in the basket. He says, “you can always add more water.” Ahh! #
  • @candycat It might be better if we used something other than Folgers from Office Depot. BTW, I know u added me b4 I added you. Have we met? #
  • Used fuelfrog today to start keeping track of my mileage. Gas is TOO expensive. Anyone want to help me build an electric motorcycle? #
  • @lletton if you need hosting, I use 1&1 and I’m happy with them. #
  • @candycat Well, it’s good to meet you. I’ve got people that listen to my podcast or have met me through online forums. Just curious. #
  • @joshw I saw that a guy took the motor from a forklift, an old motor cycle and made one for $-15 (after selling other forklift parts). #
  • I haven’t seen any tweets among the people I’m following in the last couple of hours. I would have thought I’d see a going home by now. #
  • @ambermacarthur you have no audio on leo’s site #
  • @xoost What does Xoost do? Why would I want to use it? #

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