• Time for some dubious coffee. #
  • @dswartze Me too! #
  • Pray for Steven Curtis Chapman and his family. Their youngest daughter died last night after being hit by Steven’s son in an SUV. #
  • @dswartze I meant me too about the Chapmans, but I wish I had better coffee, too. #
  • Just signed up to work for Mahalo. Hoping to pick up some extra $$ to support my hobbies and help w/ my imagine committment at Quest. #
  • @ascottphoto True dat! You have a story of God’s lavishness? #
  • @ascottphoto What happened with the cell phone bill? BTW, that rocks!!! #
  • @candycat Happy to hear about your head. Have a great day. #
  • @candycat My wife swears by McDonald’s sweet tea (may not be available in non-southern states) and advil, even for a migraine. #
  • @ascottphoto If your sister gets generous again, I’ll take one too 😉 #
  • Really considering adding more cost effective transportation (like a motorcycle) if I can find a super cheap one. #
  • Anybody know the requirements to ride in KY? Do I need a special license? #
  • @dbslone @dljordaneku Thanks guys. Maybe I’ll have to get justin to teach me. #
  • Reading the KY Motorcycle Manual. #
  • @dljordaneku Not tonight. I’m off this weekend. #

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