…that my favorite shoes are wearing out.
…that I can get the equipment I work with to do all sorts of unorthodox things.
…that an occasional week off really rocks, especially during a three-day weekend.
…that my brake rotor probably won’t come off just because it’s rusted.
…that I should be getting the coupons for two digital tv boxes will be here next month.
…that the stuff that accumulates in the bottom of your dishwasher is really gross.
…that it’s really cool to have a digital music server in your equipment rack.
…that you can get a motorcycle learner’s permit in KY that lasts for three years.
…that I’m looking forward to learning to ride a motorcycle.
…that liveblogging church is fun and different.
…that I’m more athletic at 34 than I was in my twenties or teens, not that it took a lot.
…that my knee hurts more than it would in my teens and twenties.
…that after playing volleyball with the guys my cat shudders when she smells my feet.
…that the host that has paulclifford.org REALLY wants their $2 and will shut off my hosting if my paypal account has no $$ in it.
…that having a bad cell phone charger and no email reverts me to a place I haven’t been in years; and I don’t like it.
…that there’s such a thing as “The Star Wars Gangsta Rap”; it’s fun to listen to after the classic “Star Trekkin'”