…that I really feel like a leader when I have something big to lead.
…that I’m really going to need to lean into Jesus this Summer in preparation for Questapalooza.
…that insecurity lies to you saying it protects you, but it’s actually keeping you from the life you want.
…that I’m happiest when I’m serving others and not thinking about myself.
…that being a father is easy when you’ve been given kids like mine.
…that it’s not easy to crawl under my house; it’s worse at night.
…that as hard as my marriage has been I married the right woman and I’d do it again.
…that thanks to “The Bucket List” I know that my life has always been about living without regrets.
…that I’m praying hard for the heart of a rescuer like John MacLain in “Live Free or Die Hard” and that I want to replicate that heart in someone else like he did in that movie.
…that I HATE living paycheck to paycheck.
…that I wouldn’t trade my life for anything in the world.
…that lice are the most evil vermin on the earth.
…that my daughter is cute even with shorter hair than I would prefer.
…that if I do nothing else, being a part of changing lives and eternities, is more than enough for this small life.