…that when you’re hooking up a thermostat, putting the wires in the right place really matters.
…that it’s fun to be able to control your thermostat from any web connected computer any where in the world.
…that I can use DynDNS to create a url for my home ip address so that I can access all sorts of web services from elsewhere.
…that I have friends with hard to find addresses even in the age of Google.
…that my life would be radically different if I didn’t give so much of my time at church.
…that I can’t help but give my time at church because I’m called to be an eternity changer.
…that my 18 month old is SOOOOO cute even when she says, “No.”
…that there’s a bunch of little trees and weeds in my yard that take long time to get rid of.
…that if you give a little girl a spray bottle, it will keep her occupied for quite some time.
…that lice are a menace primarily because they’re so hard to get rid of.
…that I really miss podcasting and I really need to get back to it.
…that I really need to finish fixing my xbox.
…that I’m really looking forward to possibly getting an iPhone for Christmas.
…that there’s at least 1 turtle in my yard.
…that my daughters like technology as much as I do.
…that they’re not yet as good at using it as I am.
…that there are few things worse than having “Karma Chameleon” stuck in your head while you’re crawling through a crawl space under your house.