I wish more presenters knew how to give good presentations. I’ve been to many presentations where the presenters didn’t use their presentation software for the benefit of the audience but for their own. They would put up a bulleted list and just follow each point in turn. I’ve done this myself and I regret it. When I taught classes at each of the first two ChurchMedia.net national conventions, I basically used my presentation as a teleprompter to help me remember what I intended to say. This is fine, but it didn’t really add to what I was trying to do.

A better way to do it is to augment the vocal aspect of the presentation with visuals that aren’t easily described, but not text that can just as easily be said. There are a couple of people that are particularly good at this sort of thing. I don’t care if you prefer Windows or voted for Bush in 2000, Steve Jobs and Al Gore are more effective because they follow this method. For more information on how Jobs presents, read this from BusinessWeek.com. For more about Al Gore’s presentation style read this from Wired.com.

I just wish more pastors and business professionals could do this. They’d be more effective. My last class I taught on podcasting about 18 months ago changed tactics and the response was overwhelming.