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I have the worst “luck”

Looks like’s servers were shut down again. Coincidence?


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Well, guess what. I’m having server problems again. Hopefully this will be cleared up soon.


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I’m not going back to the older look for the blog. I’m having trouble with WordPress. I probably messed it up during some site maintenance yesterday. I’ll try to fix it today.


I just got a press release that MatrixStream is about to release a 1080i (that’s hi-def) H.264 (Apple’s hi-def codec) set-top box that will enable hi-def video content to be delivered to your HD-tv via a box that hooks into your local network and eventually your broadband internet connection.

So what does this mean to you? Well for starters, you can get cheaply produced HD content via the internet for much less than if it came via a cable network. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally release a video version of the show?

Next, let’s say you have a satellite venue between two campuses at your church, no problem getting the video from one place to another provided there’s enough delay to recompress via H.264 and transfer it via the internet. This might just be a real boon for my church as we’re starting our first video venue on Easter and will likely have an off-site venue in the next year or two. This will (for us) replace the need for a microwave transmitter and receiver as well as an engineer to run it all.

If this works as advertized, with a small equipment investment and a broadband connection, you’ll be able to get a feed in glorious hi-def from anywhere (with some possible delay), so national conferences can cheaply be displayed locally, for example.

I’m excited. Check-out their video at


Download Episode 20 here.

On today’s “Tech, No Babel”, mixing computer and video signals, Zyphod complex and the LifChang principle, knowing your target, and much, much more.

Here are some links from the show:

Diagram for using a selector switch with projectors
“Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy”
Rick Warren’s “Purpose-Driven Church”

Go to the Shure Podcasting Article to find some great advice on how to podcast in your church. Now, keep in mind that it’s Shure, so they’re going to recommend their microphones and headphones, but there’s some other practical advice there, too.


Did you know that churches are excluded from non-profit pricing by Adobe? This is in stark contrast to policies of other software companies such as Microsoft and Macromedia (now owned by Adobe). Please sign this petition, created by Tim Eason of


(updated)Here’s the new, improved petition. Please sign it again. (updated)